Because it is adopted in the folding type, it can be applied to sun room, terrace, etc. in housing design, and various spaces can be created.

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Hardware Length:unlimited / Width:60mm / Height:4,000mm Below
Minimum Width 1,000mm(Opening Standard - 1,000mm Below)
Glass Specification Plain glass 17T
Windshield (5mm transparent) / Bass (7mm) / Rear glass (5mm transparent)
Painting Fluoropolymer paint (black, silver, white, chocolate)
Performance windproof, soundproof, leak
More details When door height is over 2,500mm → top heavy load rail application Add auxiliary handle and cap Insert hinge reinforcement

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 1WAY LEFT OUTSIDE FOLDING : Unidirectional opening / right folding Indoor folding type

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 1WAY RIGHT INSIDE FOLDING : Unidirectional opening type / left-handed outdoor folding type

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 2WAY BOTH SIDE FOLDING : Bidirectional type / Double side mulled indoor folding type

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 FREE-WAY BOTH SIDE FOLDING : Free type without fixing one set


• Please observe the standard specification for the standard performance of the product.

• Small defects caused by scratches, pinholes, cracks, and seat breaks during transportation and loading can be solved with commercially available ductile plugs and repair materials such as waterproof plugs and repair stickers.

• When removing the protective wrap for winter season, please work above 15 ℃ at normal temperature.

    If the temperature is below the temperature, use a hair dryer to remove it slowly.


• The warranty period is within one year from the date of purchase only in case of defective manufacturing, and all additional A / S will be charged.

• Please note that you may be charged for actual costs (manufacturing costs, travel expenses, etc.) at the time of receipt after A / S period (about 1 year). However, we will notify you that the actual expenses will be charged even if there is less than 1 year of A / S due to installation defect (installation of door frame anchor, mounting hinge, cylinder ota ball, etc.).

• Consumable parts (interlocking car, mohair, etc.) can be purchased from us.