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235mm / JBF-235RHA

The inside and outside rails differ in height to prevent inflow of rainwater and to protect space from rain, wind and noise.

※ The automatic locking device can be applied to the inside window and the outside window.

※ Applied to Jeju Island and coastal areas

※ Handle is optional.

Auto Lock
재현하늘창 샤시 재현하늘창 샤시
Simple Handle(Large) JS-HS01 Simple Handle(Small) JS-HS02
재현하늘창 샤시 재현하늘창 샤시

Energy effaceiency confermation - JBF-235H

재현하늘창 샤시

Asa hurricane window 235mm
Application Window for the coast
Recommended size Width 3200 * Height 2400
Glass application 5-24mm
Main material application JBF-235RHA / JSF-120BA, 115BnA / MC-120BA, 115BNA / MF-115BA / GB-5A,91PA, 16PA, 26PA
Windows JSF-115BNA
재현하늘창 샤시
Frame JBF-235RHA
재현하늘창 샤시


• Colors of catalogs are image cuts for easy understanding, and may differ slightly from actual product.

• For optimum performance, please follow the standard specifications. Do not lean against the door or push hard. The glass may break.

• Do not let the hot air or heat of the heating appliance touch the door directly. It may cause deformation or fire.

• Please be careful about the safety of the children because the window and screen screen may fall when you lean or shock.

• Design or molding is subject to change without notice.

• When using outside window, A / S is excluded.


• The warranty period is within one year from the date of purchase only in case of defective manufacturing, and all additional A / S will be charged.

• Please note that you may be charged for actual costs (manufacturing costs, travel expenses, etc.) at the time of receipt after A / S period (about 1 year). However, we will notify you that the actual expenses will be charged even if there is less than 1 year of A / S due to installation defect (installation of door frame anchor, mounting hinge, cylinder ota ball, etc.).

• Consumable parts (interlocking car, mohair, etc.) can be purchased from us.