The link between the column and the head, which utilizes the organic line, is more feminine and expresses elegance. It is recommended for consumers who want a more colorful and decorative production.

재현하늘창 아트월 등박스

Herapi ligth frames / art wall sets :option bathwall JBRP-104(UV)

Operating Color : white paint

Herapi artwall

Classification Specification Quantity
JWA-1 (Column)313x50x2440 2EA
JWH-1 (Architrave)235x60x2000 2EA
JWR-1 (Architrave connecting cap)150x245x70 1EA
JWHH-1 (Cornice)90x215x4000 1
White painting 재현하늘창 아트월 등박스
Architrave connecting cap 재현하늘창 아트월 등박스
Architrave connecting molding 재현하늘창 아트월 등박스

Herapi Ligth Frames

Classification Specification Quantity
JWF-1 (Frame)235x50x2400 4EA
JWC-1 (Corner cap)255x255x60 4EA
Ligth Frames
Corner cap
재현하늘창 아트월 등박스


• Please observe the standard specification for the standard performance of the product.

• Small defects caused by scratches, pinholes, cracks, and seat breaks during transportation and loading can be solved with commercially available ductile plugs and repair materials such as waterproof plugs and repair stickers.

• When removing the protective wrap for winter season, please work above 15 ℃ at normal temperature.

    If the temperature is below the temperature, use a hair dryer to remove it slowly.


• The warranty period is within one year from the date of purchase only in case of defective manufacturing, and all additional A / S will be charged.

• Please note that you may be charged for actual costs (manufacturing costs, travel expenses, etc.) at the time of receipt after A / S period (about 1 year). However, we will notify you that the actual expenses will be charged even if there is less than 1 year of A / S due to installation defect (installation of door frame anchor, mounting hinge, cylinder ota ball, etc.).

• Consumable parts (interlocking car, mohair, etc.) can be purchased from us.